Preschool to Kindergarten

Threes and Fours are curious and energetic learners who are eager for new experiences.  Our preschool classroom provides many opportunities for children to explore their environment through theme-related age appropriate activities.  This active classroom is supported by a child teacher ratio of 1:7; and a consistent schedule with plenty of time for free play, group activities, outdoor movement, music, language, dramatic play, blocks and bulding. 

As children develop their skills, more advanced activities including; cooking, science, pre-writing skills and computers are introduced.  Children are exposed to a language-rich environment and are encouraged to explore this environment through pre-writing and pre-academic curriculum.  Group and individual hands-on activities are available throughout the day. Outdoor play and opportunities for creativity are also provided.  Through these many opportunities, children are able to work on their social skills and problem solving. 

Fives  in our pre-k classroom areprovided a curriculum in conjunction with their local kindergarten. Preparing to transition to Kindergarten is a goal in this classroom.  Mornings are structured in a similar manner as kindergarten would be.  After a busy morning of learning, we provide time for movement, nurishment and relaxation.  Children have free time for classroom exploration and creativity and lots of opportunities to read, write and develop their social skills.

With their teacher being the facilitator, children are encouraged to explore and expand their understanding of this world, and apply this understanding in their daily lives.  Getting along, problem solving and conflict resolution and self-regulation are all part of their day.  This classroom is maintained at a 1:8 ratio to provide more one-on-one opportunities for the teacher and child.