Each child is an individual, and has their individual schedule. In our infant room, we support that individuality. Our infants are encouraged to develop as they are ready and our teachers are there for guidance and encouragement. Consistent care supports your child's need to feel secure and safe, and the opportunity to bond with their caregiver.

A stimulating curriculum, that is developmentally appropriate for your baby is provided daily, including outdoor time, music, movement, sensory exploration, and language. Our 1:4 ratio provides each child individual time with their teacher. As your infant grows, we transition them to the next classroom, to ensure that our young infants are safe and secure and free to explore at their developmental level, without competing for toys and attention of the older infant.


Because infants grow so quickly, we have a second infant room called Movers. This room is for those infants that are crawling and beginning to stand and walk. By offering a classroom strictly for Movers, we have provided a much more developmentally appropriate designed classroom, which encourages movement and exploration. This classroom is for ages 8 months to 16 months. This is a transition room where babies go from crawling to walking, bottles to sippy cups, baby food to table food, and two naps to one nap. We maintain a 1:3 ratio in this room to ensure that children are receiving the attention they deserve.


A period of transition.

This crucial period in your child's life is met by a sensitive and patient teacher. This is a period of "body awareness" and growth. Simple large motor movements are mastered by repetition. Your child's teacher understands this, and knows that each child needs to be independent but is there as a support whenever needed.

Two Year Old

This classroom provides a language-rich environment to support the rapid growth of language of the two year old, through storytelling, finger plays, puppets and dramatic play.
Our 1:6 ratio in this classroom ensures your child is not competing for teacher attention.
The teacher is there to encourage social interaction and provide opportunities for independence and building self-esteem.


As your child moves from toddlerhood to preschool age, we offer a program for our threes. This is a period of transition as children learn to become more independent. We work with the children to enhance their self-esteem through learning many self-help skills. Threes begin to be more responsible and thus independent in their play. We offer a curriculum designed to address the interests of the children. Through thoughtful planning, children are taught skills through their play. We maintain a 1:8 ratio in this classroom.


Are curious and energetic learners who are eager for new experiences. Our preschool classroom provides many opportunities for children to explore their environment through theme-related age appropriate activities. This active classroom is supported by a child teacher ratio of 1:7; and a consistent schedule with plenty of time for free play, group activities, outdoor movement, music, language, dramatic play, blocks and building.

As children develop their skills, more advanced activities including; cooking, science, pre-writing skills and computers are introduced. Children are exposed to a language-rich environment and are encouraged to explore this environment through pre-writing and pre-academic curriculum. Group and individual hands-on activities are available throughout the day. Outdoor play and opportunities for creativity are also provided. Through these many opportunities, children are able to work on their social skills and problem solving.


In our pre-k classroom children are provided a curriculum in conjunction with their local kindergarten. Preparing to transition to kindergarten is a goal in this classroom. Mornings are structured in a similar manner as kindergarten would be. After a busy morning of learning, we provide time for movement, nourishment and relaxation. Children have free time for classroom exploration and creativity and lots of opportunities to read, write and develop their social skills.

With their teacher being the facilitator, children are encouraged to explore and expand their understanding of this world, and apply this understanding in their daily lives. Getting along, problem solving and conflict resolution and self-regulation are all part of their day. This classroom is maintained at a 1:10 ratio to provide more one-on-one opportunities for the teacher and child.